March 24, 2023

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Google Play Store Apps of the Week

Google Play Store Apps of the Week

Google Play has a variety of applications for games, productivity applications, camera applications and more.

The store has a variety of apps to help users, all they need.

You can completely change and customize your mobile using the Google Play Store apps directly.

You can replace the phone without the need to install jailbreak or external or modified settings externally.

There are many different types of games in different fields and genres that attract users to the store.

As a result, today we bring you a selection of the best Google Play Store games we have selected for you.

Startu Valley Game

Just because every site has a copy of this game does not mean it is an Android only game.

It tells you how good and successful the game is, and many users consider it one of the best indie games ever released.

Game is an agricultural simulation where you get a farm and fields where you want to fill it with different fruits and vegetables, start selling them and learn about the game system and its world.

This game also has an interesting story which attracts the users and spends most of their time in it.

You can download the game for about $ 5 through the Google Play Store without ads or other fees.

Disgaea 1 Tlesti

This game is mainly aimed at RPG lovers and especially imitates Japanese RPG.

This game is a re-development of the first installment of the best series games that have been going on for many years.

The first part of the game has a very unique story, which made the developers re-release it on mobile phones.

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Just like you.

Sky Sons of Light

This game comes from the developers of the popular Journey game, and they were able to achieve overall success.

The game is distinguished by its quiet content, which encourages users to relax without putting too much effort into the game or stressing it out.

You must enter the game world to access the history of games and discover its events.

You can, and there are no hidden App Payments or Ads hidden in the game.