June 6, 2023

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Google releases the first beta version of Android 14 update

Shafaqna – Google said today that it has rolled out the first beta version of the Android 14 update, which will be available to users today after the February and March developer previews.

The search giant is now allowing users to try out the new Android 14 update by signing up for one of the company’s Pixel phones on its Android beta page.

The first beta version of the Android 14 update will be pushed directly upon registration on the Android Beta page, and the first beta version of Android 14 will also be pushed directly if you are already enrolled in the beta program. For Android 13 update, if the phone is compatible with the upcoming update.

Also Google says that the beta version of this Android 14 update may have some bugs and issues while installing and Google is planning to release the next beta version in May.

Also, Google is slated to release two stable versions of the update in June, and the Android 14 update comes with a new experience that navigates the system with a key indicator of interactions in apps.

The indicator integrates with the background on the app or device, and the app is expected to bring customized sharing system actions, with new signals to directly identify sharing targets.

On the other hand, Android 14 update brings improvements to preferred language in apps, which was introduced for the first time in Android 13 update, which supports dynamic assignment of the selected language in the list of languages ​​available in apps.

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The keyboard is set to understand the language used in the interface of the current application and then automatically switch to the input language.

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