Monday, February 26, 2024

Google Slides offers a feature to record presentations


Google has officially announced the launch of a new feature on its Slides service that will allow users to record presentations into video clips.
According to the company, this new feature saves users from having to use external programs to create recorded presentations for work, training or educational purposes. A new recording option appears in the Google Slides service in the toolbar, allowing the presenter to record. A presentation with sound through a microphone, and the ability to appear on video in a small circular space within the recording.
Google explained that the feature to record presentations on the Slides service will initially be available only through the Google Chrome browser on computers and not through the mobile phone application. After finishing the recording, users can find it in their Google Drive accounts. It can be kept, displayed and shared with others. The new feature is only available to subscribers of Google Workspace services, while those with free personal accounts cannot currently benefit from it, but Google may make it available to them later.
Over the next few weeks, Google Workspace will begin rolling out the new feature to Plan subscribers gradually.
It is worth noting that this feature can save companies and business owners the cost of using external solutions to record meetings, lectures and lessons, especially since it is integrated into the Slide service and integrated with other Google services such as the Driver cloud storage service. or YouTube video sharing service.

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