March 25, 2023

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Gulf News |  Amazon introduces a "science fiction" robot that can browse at home

Gulf News | Amazon introduces a “science fiction” robot that can browse at home

Amazon intends to introduce a robot that can walk around homes, a device from the world of science fiction that has become a reality according to a giant team in the field of technology, but according to project critics it could also be a confusing tracking tool. On Tuesday, the US team presented the robot “Astro”, which describes a major improvement for consumers interested in their safety. Equipped with wheels and a tablet screen, this robot can map a house and respond to voice requests to go to a room, put what house and his camera in it. The device can recognize faces, learn the habits of family members, and recall each person’s activities. The robot is 60 centimeters long and weighs less than 10 kilograms, and will be sold for a thousand dollars in the United States in the first phase before raising its price to about $ 1450. “When you’re out of the house, you can use it to walk around your house.” This robot can be used to check the safety of the elderly at home. Suri Madhula, who worked on the project, said in a video released by Amazon. This robot “turned science fiction into reality.” Matthew Karelia, a researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an NGO that supports users’ rights, said on the Internet that “using a camera like this for home surveillance can be useful in some situations.” . But he pointed out that the device could also be used for malicious or espionage purposes by hackers or police. During a press conference, Dave Limp tried to reassure, explaining that users can disable the work of the camera and special microphones, and the robot that sends beeps and messages to users in case of any hacking attempt.

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