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Gulf News | Blind violinist Ali Al-Olaiwi to the world of fame: “If I have the opportunity to work in the Bahraini music group, I will immediately answer the call.”


Interview: Fatima Al-Youssef

Photo: Mohammad Sarhan

We have always heard a lot about creative people who lead the way from darkness to light and inspiring people who capture our hearts with their love and intense life and creativity, this week our guest is the Bahraini artist who loves music so I love him and approach the violin so he brings us to the days of love. He bowed to charm us with pieces mingled with our souls to take away, and then he mrs. He took us to Lebanon to listen to the songs of Fairuz and he takes us back to Egypt to travel with different songs. Between the Brown Nightingale and the Gulf, we were delighted by the various compositions of great artists such as Ahlam and Nawal Al-Quaidiya and Abdullah Al-Ruwaish. Rashid al-Majid, the artist of the Arabs, Muhammad Abdo, al-Jazmi and others.

Artist Ali Al-Alevi First off, we’d like to thank you for being with us today at Gulf News HQ and we’d like to give you a brief overview of yourself, who is Ali Alevi?

– First, through the front pages of the newspaper in the Kingdom of Bahrain, I am Ali Al-Olaiwi, a Bahraini artist, my journey. Lasts about 27 years or 28 years with music.

When did you begin your journey with the violin?

My journey with the violin started when I was about 13 years old and I started studying the violin.At the age of 15, I started studying the violin extensively.

Artist Ali Al-Alewi.. You come from a musical family, who influenced you?

– No, I was not influenced by the family, because my family is far from art and music, and I came completely different from my family environment.

When did you begin to discover your artistic talent?

My beginnings came from this company, where I used to participate in concerts and play Nasheed.

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Who was the first to take this path?

Each step has many steps and grades. In the beginning there was the institute and the music school, which polished me for a while, I grew up, recorded in the studio and started my journey with the violin. I learned a lot from my brother and friend, the composer Muhammad Al-Hadad, by working with him.

Did the artist Ali Al-Olaiwi face any criticism at the beginning of his appearance?

To be honest, no.. I am not criticizing, but I and many artistes like me do not have the necessary support from parents and some institutions are interrelated.

About your participation with artist Ahlam?

– My participation with the artist Ahlam “Umm Fahd” is very important to me and I congratulate it from my headquarters, she always communicates what I post on my Twitter account, the business contacted me as soon as I posted one and asked to participate with her at her party in Riyadh almost three months ago. , almost, the artist, Ahlam, I heard a lot about her, but after interacting with her directly I got to know Ahlam and I realized her great support for humanity, art and artists.

What does this post mean to you?

When an artist like Ahlam asks a musician to play with her, it means that the artist is walking on the right path and steady steps, she is a great artist and known for her fine artistry and precise choices, of course she is. I will not be flattered to work in her field, after you asked me to participate, this really happened to me, I was determined and after participating there, I was very happy and knew that I was going in the right direction.

About your experience with Nawal Al-Kuwaiti artist?

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– The artist, Nawal Al-Quaiti, was a supportive artist for me, and when I contacted her husband, the artist, composer Mishal Al-Aruj, I was asking him to send me some of the works sung by the artist Nawal. I would read them, but he caught my attention, the artist Novel published one of his works, but with the sound of the violin I played for one of his works.

We saw Al-Alewi, an artist whose fame spread until he reached Ahlam, Turkey, Egypt and Kuwait, so why is Al-Alewi missing from the Bahrain band?

By God, this question is very sad, until this moment, I hope to be part of the national orchestra of my country, Bahrain, and I hope to have the opportunity to join the orchestra as a Bahraini musician and carry an artistic message. Spreads relentlessly and pulsates with love. A permanent and constant love of melody and music, and I can use my musical skills to better represent in local and international forums.

If you had the opportunity to work with Bahrain Music Band, when would you start with them?

Immediately after the meeting

Do you have experiences you’d like to share with us?

– In my spare time, I always try to occupy myself with making music notes and using technology in the music aspect of social media, media has now reduced the distance a lot, and I have followers from Azerbaijan, America and Turkey that caught my attention. .

Have you ever thought about releasing your own music album?

– On the contrary, this is my long-term desire, but the release of the album requires a concerted plan and sufficient and complete support.

Which Gulf artist would you like to collaborate with?

– I would like to play in the band of Artist Hussain Al Jasmi, Artist Rashid Al Majid, Arab Artist Muhammad Abdo, and Artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaish, these are legendary artists. I will be proud if I get a chance to play. In their bands, there are others.

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And I want to mention one important thing, the Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaish contacted me and gave me some, he took my hand and encouraged me a lot and I appreciated that beautiful gesture.

Why hasn’t there been a collaboration between you and the artist Al-Ruwaishid yet?

– I am honored to work with the artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaishid, but the opportunity has not come yet, because he is one of the most careful and well-thought-out adults.

Along with your extensive experience in the music industry, have you taken instrumental training?

Yes, I have coached some music and playing lovers, some come as a desire and experience to learn to play, others come to learn and practice playing and satisfy their passions and desires.

It is said that the violin is closely associated with emotions, feelings and sadness in particular.. Is this true?

– Violin is not related to sadness, and most of what you see on YouTube is just to increase the number of views of the clips.

Do you have any additions?

– I have a message, that is, despite my art background, I am still unemployed, so I am sending my message to the people of our beloved kingdom to get a job that can support my family.

I would like to add one thing that we are blind and we are not able to work but we have all the productive and creative abilities.

I repeat my gratitude to Gulf News and Fame World for this beautiful encounter.

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