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I dedicated myself and my throat to serve my country..that’s why I gave up rest.



He told that he enjoyed singing Ramadan songs “Serra Al-Bati” and “Nadra Currency” in the Nile Basin countries.

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After an absence of more than 11 years, she is back strong this year with her voice to put her usual and unique mark on the serials of Ramadan 2023 series.

On the stage of “Al-Hanagar Art Center” square in the celebration of “Hilalak” program to commemorate the tenth victory of Ramadan, Dr. Nevin Al-Khilani, Minister of Culture and Director Khaled Jalal presided.

In exclusive statements to, Munir expressed his happiness at this honor and the reactions to the songs he presented in Ramadan, which reaffirmed that Munir is a special and unique case in the world of song. Bloggers on social media confirmed that it brought them back to the good old days.

Muneer, nicknamed “The King” (The King): “The works I participated in during the current Ramadan season, whether they came from friends or my fans, I was happy with the reactions I received about it, and I am also interested. Follow the Ramadan works that came on an artistic level.

Mohammad Mounir

Mounir and al-Abnudi.. Companions of the Path

Mounir performed several songs written by the late poet Abdul-Rahman al-Abnoudi, the latest of which was the sequence “Natra Currency”, about which he said: “I will never forget my friend (al-Abnoudi). And al-Abnoudi is my friend, my lover and My friend, with whom I presented many successful and famous works, I will never forget it, the audience always remembers it and asks me at concerts. Despite his absence, he is in the hearts of all of us, and I make sure to present works from his words from time to time, because at that time they will be presented. I still have his works.

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About not having much time to prepare him for the series he was presenting, including the sequence of “Sara Al-Baadi” composed by Walid Saad from the words of Mustafa Ibrahim, and the sequence of “Nara Currency” composed by Muhammad Rahim, Mounir said: “When the team really believes in providing the melody, ​I am happy to collaborate with poets and composers who have worked hard to deliver Ramzan songs. A powerful work of art, singing is the true joy in my life and that is what these songs have helped me achieve. The emotion of her words reached the audience in no time. The closest thing to the audience’s heart is to be honest and unadorned.”

Also, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the victory of Ramadan, in the celebration of the “Your Crescent” program, about honoring him from the Department of Cultural Production Affairs under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, “Al-Hanajer Art Center” square, in which he is a collection of heights and artistic symbols that influenced the conscience with national works of art. Honored. Mounir said: “I am very happy with this honor because throughout my career my primary concern has been concern for our country, we want a better society with true renaissance and as our society is currently going through a great transformation, I have dedicated myself and my throat to serve my country.

Mohammad Mounir

Decide to take a break…then come on

Were the songs and tributes to deny the rumors of his retirement from singing, Mounir pointed out: “I had already decided to retire, but I did not announce this matter, but I decided to continue my ancient requests and love. From the sea to the gulf, the fans I sang to. The youth and children. There is also a third level they listen to me, which is by the grace of God, I am currently recording new songs from my new album. We have been working for a while because choosing the melody and lyrics is not an easy task. Also, the responsibility has become more different, so we have to try to choose the best. “

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Regarding the party he hosted in Sudan a few days before the start of Ramadan, especially since it was his first after an absence of more than 15 years, Mounir pointed out, “The warmth of the welcome and their happiness made me forget the years of my absence, because I am not a stranger to Sudan, I am one of them.” As I said on stage, we are all sons of the Nile Valley. Both countries are like one motherland. The love of the Egyptians for the Sudanese.

Mounir asked President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi to support and finance the largest art project and festival for the Nile Basin countries, adding, “I have talked about this project with all the Egyptian Ministers of Culture for 30 years, but it still does not exist. The festival takes place in the land of Egypt in the center of the pyramids. .The countries Nile is called (Indjo) in Swahili and means friendship, so Egyptians are interested in listening to Sudanese music.On the contrary, it has the largest group of Egyptian and Sudanese artists.

And he continued: “I try with my humble throat to support the relations between the people of the Nile Valley, my throat is my strength, with whom I sang for 42 years.

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