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Haifa Wehbe quits “Eid Films” and Ahmed Helmi surpasses his wife at the box office!


Eid al-Fitr film competitions 2022 saw many surprises, especially as Haifa Wehbay’s film “Ghosts of Europe” withdrew from the race last time, amidst contradictory news about the renewed crisis with the production company, star Ahmed Helmi topped the list. His wife, Mona Saki, was the second highest-grossing film by “One Tony”, while “The Spider” was the third-highest-grossing film.

The competition for the revenue of 2022 Eid al-Fitr films seems to have settled early on with the debut of Ahmed Helmi, who starred in the one-24-pound film “One Solo” for ஆயிரம் 54,000, with the first 24-hour look. .

And the film “One Solo” written by Haitham Dabur, and starring Amr Abdel Khalil, Nisreen Amin, Ruby, Noor Ihab and Ahmed Malik, and directed by Mohammad Shaker Qudir.

The film “Fantasy of His Death” is considered to be the last film starring Ahmed Helmi, and was released in 2019, and also stars Menna Shalabi, Hassan Hosni, Baomi Fouad, Sami Magawri, Indisar and others. Artists, and author Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Khalid Murray. He faced waves of anger from Helmi’s audience due to Helmi’s lack of comedy, and then Helmi promised to compensate the audience with a full comedy film.

The Spider movie, starring Mona Zaki and artist Ahmed El-Sakka, reached second place with 46 462,000 in the first days of Eid al-Fitr, and was released after a delay of more than three years. Directed by Mohammad Nair. By Ahmed Nader.

The latest creation of the star, Ahmed El-Saqqa, is the film “A Forced Escape” which was shown during the Eid al-Fitr season 2018 and grossed over மில்லியன் 58 million in the history of Egyptian cinema. , And co-starred with Aamir Carrara, Kada Adel, Fati Abdel Wahab, Mustafa Qadir, Passem Samra. , Written by Ahmed Zaheer, Mohammad Saeed Bashir, directed by Ahmed Khalid Moussa, produced by Nada L-Chopki, Mona Jackie stopped participating. During the Eid movie season he presented with El-Saqqa in 2016 “from 30 years”.

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Egyptian drama star Ali Rabi’s “Zombie” came in third and last with a score of 118 thousand pounds, and was written by Amin Kamal, Walid Abul-Makt and directed by Amr Salah.

Star Haifa Wehbe withdrew from the competition after the distribution company announced that its “Ghosts of Europe” film would not be shown for reasons related to the failure to complete the montage, composition and printing operations on time, with some confirming the film’s promise. Producer Mohammad Waziri, who is currently in jail, has demanded that the film not be screened last time.

Also, the film “Ghosts of Europe” is the first experience of Mohamed Al-Waziri, the former business manager of Haifa Wehbe, in the film production world through his company Snapers Production, co-starring Ahmed El-Fishawi, Mustafa Qadir and Pasam Zamra. , Arwa Gowda and Abbas Abul-Hassan, narrated by Kareem Farooq, narrated and narrated by Amin Kamal and Mohammad Abu Al-Saad and Sharif Yusri, and directed by Mohammad Hamaki in his first operating experience.

The events of the film revolve around a group of brothers who decide to check the messages they have been told, which can change their lives. During the research process, they are subject to many situations and conflicts. Views.

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