March 27, 2023

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Hala Shiha is angry after the controversial photo: "Take care of our Lord in what you publish" - Our Life - Celebrities

Hala Shiha is angry after the controversial photo: “Take care of our Lord in what you publish” – Our Life – Celebrities

The retired artist, Hala Shiha, sent a strong word message to rumors circulating about herself, misrepresentations and the media, expressing outrage at the linking of her old photos to “malicious addresses”. In addition to his official account, social networking sites addressed his speech today via “Instagram”.

The image of Hala Shiha, who recently married Samiyar Mosque and returned wearing a hijab, has been widely circulated. Retired artist, without verifying who is the truth of the film and the purpose of its release.

Hala Shiha wrote in response to the photo a few hours ago today, Friday: “Every little thing comes to me during rumors and links old photos to malicious press addresses of non-professional journalists. I respect their profession and their great responsibility, I would like to make it clear that I do not have an official account on communication sites other than my account on Instagram.

He added, “I thank Facebook for their cooperation in closing accounts that have been fabricated in my name. I would like to have respectable editors choose genuine professional journalists, so that their newspapers are in development and to elevate our views instead of spreading rumors by immersing ourselves in trivial matters that elevate our beloved country Egypt.”

He concluded his message: “May our Lord take care of what you publish. And on a blessed Friday.”

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