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Hamas intends to release some foreign prisoners in the coming days


Abu Ubaidah, a spokesman for Hamas’s military wing, al-Qassam Brigades, said on Tuesday that the movement intends to release several foreign detainees in the coming days.

Abu Ubaidah added in a recorded speech: “The mediators told us that we will release many foreigners in the coming days in accordance with our desire not to stay in Gaza.”

In his speech, Abu Ubaidah said, “The enemy (Israel) launched ground maneuvers on several axes in the Gaza Strip in the last days, after more than 20 days of preliminary firing,” referring to the ground infiltration of the occupation forces. The scorched earth policy caused massive destruction through land, air and sea bombardment.

He emphasized that the fighters of the al-Qassam brigade “have been conducting heavy clashes for days”, adding that “as soon as the infiltration on the ground began, we responded with thoughtful defense on all fronts, and we are still engaged in heavy operations, direct clashes.”

A military spokesman for al-Qassam Brigades added: “Our mujahideen have managed to engage enemy forces at all advancing points and have so far destroyed 22 military vehicles with anti-armor shells in al-Yasin.”

He continued: “For the first time in this war, we launched shells from zero range against tanks,” adding that Hamas fighters “were able to kill and injure a large number of enemy soldiers during the clashes, and artillery continued to fire back. In addition to missiles.”

“The Qassam Navy was able to launch direct strikes against naval targets off the coast of Gaza using remotely piloted Storm torpedoes,” he said.

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“Netanyahu Failed”

In his speech, Abu Ubaidah denied that Israel had reached any of its prisoners captured by Qassam forces, explaining: “We tracked the enemy’s account of freeing one of its female prisoners from Gaza, so we deny the enemy. Qassam has reached any of our prisoners in the brigade.

A military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades said: “If Netanyahu is bragging about the release of a prisoner a month after the end of the war, he needs 20 years to free his prisoners in Gaza.”

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