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Hamdan Bin Saeed: The Liwa International Festival has seen a huge attendance and significant growth


His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the Ruler of Al Dhafra Region, praised the Liwa International Festival, which concluded its competitions on Sunday after 24 days of events, amid a record turnout of car enthusiasts.
His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Saeed Al Nahyan wrote on site “X”: An exceptional edition of the Liwa International Festival concluded its activities yesterday, witnessing a large public attendance and significant growth in its sports competitions and cultural and entertainment programs. At the end of the festival, we would like to thank the organizing committee for the success of the festival, its activities and events.

On Sunday the curtains came down on the 2024 Liwa International Festival and its latest competition, which took place on the last day of the year, with the hill climb race for cars in its various categories continuing to break records on Mount Mereb.
The competition ended with open categories, stock agent category and hilux categories. A large number of cars participated in the last day, reaching 60 cars, which saw the Merab Hill, making the total number of cars climbing the hill in the last three days of this competition 116 cars in all eight categories. .
The closing day of the festival saw an elegant celebration at the end of the year and the beginning of 2024. Laser games and light games decorated the Merheb Hill with fireworks, as well as “drone” shows that continued till midnight, amid a huge audience that enjoyed the competition on the last day.
In the 6-cylinder gas category, Mohammed Rashid Al-Jabri from the Emirates clocked 5,752 seconds to take first place, Abdullah Ismail Mohammed clocked 6,353 seconds to finish second and Khaled Tawfiq Rifai third. 6,505 seconds, and in the eight-cylinder turbo category, Mohammed Rashid Al-Jabri topped the race with a time of 6,216 seconds. Saudi Arabia's Ibrahim Ahmed Al Shenabi finished second with a time of 6,398 seconds, followed by Saudi Arabia's Badr Ali Hamad. Finished third in 6,652 seconds.
In the Case 8 category, competitor Muhammad Rasheed Al Jabri finished first in 5,830 seconds, while Saudi Arabia's Mishal Muhammad Al Khalid finished second and third in 5,842 seconds. Abdullah topped the Turbo 6 cylinder category with Emirates 5,997 seconds, Emirates' Muhammad Al-Tahmani clocked 6,565 seconds and Muhammad Amin Ismail clocked 6,649 seconds to finish second. Khalid Abdullah Rashid finished third with a time of 7.211 seconds.
Electric cars
In the electric car category, Hamad Saif Al Mansoori took the first place, Majd Jamal Al Shali in the second place, and Mohammed Khalifa Al Mansouri in the third place. In the agency category, Abdullah Mohammed Al Tahmani took the first place in 7,018 seconds and Ahmed Mohammed took the first place. Al Nuaimi finished second with a time of 7,018 seconds and Saudi Arabia's Ibrahim Ahmed Al Shenabi finished third with a time of 7,522 seconds.
In the open category, Saudi Arabia's Mishal Al-Khalidi clocked 5,011 seconds, Hamad Muhammad Al-Ahbabi second in 5,244 seconds and Yusuf Muhammad Al Ali third in 5,628 seconds. The brothers from Saudi Arabia excelled in the Hilux category, with Mahdi Muhammad Al-Salloum taking the top spot in 5,697 seconds. Al-Qushaiban finished third with a time of 5,980 seconds.
Figures of the festival
* 1,765 competitors and participants in 16 competitions across 24 days of Liwa International Festival 2024.
* 116 cars competed in hill climbs in the last championship of the festival, the strongest number for seasons at Merhep.
* 193 cars took part in the second round of the free car show, a record never achieved in any race at Merep before.
* 1816 is the number of camps registered within 24 days in Merhep.
* 472 business services registered their presence at Liwa International Festival throughout its days to serve Mareb pioneers and visitors.
Subsidiary organizations include: the Ruler's Representative Court, Department of Culture and Tourism, Miral Company, Abu Dhabi Media Network, Abu Dhabi Ports Authority, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, Abu Dhabi Distribution Network and Al Dhafra Regional Municipality.

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