June 27, 2022

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Hamdock and the "president" ... these are the details of the United Nations initiative for Sudan.

Hamdock and the “president” … these are the details of the United Nations initiative for Sudan.

And created United Nations initiative It has 4 basic elements: the most important of which is to abolish the Sovereign Committee and replace it with an Honorary Presidential Committee consisting of three civilian members.

This is in addition to providing for the proposed Security and Security Council for the military, but under the supervision of the Prime Minister, full executive powers, including the creation of a fully independent government with greater representation for women.

Informed sources at the international embassy in Khartoum said the move was based on amending the constitutional document signed in 2019, which canceled the military commander. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Many of its key provisions include actions taken on October 25th.

The evidence points out that this initiative opens the door to the participation of party leaders, opposition groups and elements of the armed movements.

Evidence does not reject the proposal to withdraw the resigned Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk Again, as the internationally accepted person Sudan currently needs.

While many political parties in Sudan have welcomed the initiative, the initiative is expected to face widespread opposition from many actors who are leading the current struggles to completely reject military power for the remainder of the Middle Ages.

In fact, the Sudanese Association of Professionals said in a statement that it rejects the initiative outright and seeks to identify with the “Military Council”, noting that the solution to the crisis lies in “overthrowing the current military.” And bring its members to justice. “

Although some armed movements welcomed the initiative and announced that they would accept it with certain conditions, the Abdel Waheed Mohammed Noor movement, which did not sign, did not sign the peace agreement and rejected the invitation outright.

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For more than two months, Sudan has been experiencing a stagnant political and security crisis and an economic and service freeze due to a series of waves of protests triggered by military action on October 25.