June 9, 2023

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Hani Al-Zahrani.. The Tragic End of the Most Famous Photographer of the Highlands in Saudi Arabia

Social media pioneers in Saudi Arabia have expressed their deepest condolences and condolences to the family and fans of photojournalist Hani Bin Abdullah Al-Zahrani, who was famous for taking pictures from high altitudes inside and outside his country.

Miteb al-Zahrani, the late photographer’s brother, explained that his brother had fallen to his death from the height of the Al-Souda Mountains in Asir region, south of the Kingdom, the day before Thursday.

Jabal Al-Sauda is the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia and is located within the Asir mountain range with a height of 3,133 meters.

Newspaper Quotations”ObservatoryAl-Muhalliya, on the authority of his brother Mutait al-Zahrani, said his brother wanted to take a video clip of a mountain, but the “seat belt” was not properly installed, leading to his downfall.

He pointed out that the Red Cross, Civil Defense and Security Forces could not go to the area where he fell due to its ruggedness and heard his voice for 15 minutes before he breathed his last.

Later, a video clip documented the process of recovering al-Zahrani’s body.

In the video, one of the rescuers is seen calling loudly.

And one of his acquaintances lamented in a tweet on Twitter: “(Hani) worked as a paramedic for the people and the hands of fate did not help him.”

He added, “He loved adventure among the high mountains, and he conveyed to us the most beautiful pictures of the mountains of the Al-Baha region.”

He concluded: “He passed away high up in the Al-Souda Mountains in the Asir region while on a photographic mission in the region.

It is noteworthy that Hani was the director of the photography department at the Makkah newspaper in the Eastern Province and also worked as a photographer at the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club.

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