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Has Egypt banned the screening of the animated film Lightyear?


Egypt banned the screening of the animated film Lightyear because it contained kisses, a decision many countries had made before.

The film, which was scheduled to release on June 17, was reported by local media to have been blocked due to the presence of two lesbian characters in Egyptian theaters, and the working scenes include a kiss between them. .

As of Sunday evening, the Egyptian authority involved in granting film screening permits to prevent the film from being screened had not issued an official decision on the censorship of the works of art.

Arab countries decided to block the screening of the film because it contains gay characters and scenes, and the Kuwaiti media reported on Sunday that a similar decision could be expected from the relevant authorities as Disney refused to remove the rejected scene on Sunday.

The film deals with the story of Buzz, the space guard who appeared in the famous “Toy Story” Disney series, starring Chris Evans, who provides the voice acting for the film’s hero, Buzz.

The Academy Award-winning animated film Toy Story 4 has grossed over a billion dollars, and features the voices of famous actors such as Tom Hanks, Annie Pots, Keanu Reeves, Patricia Arquette and John. Cusack, Kristen Shawl, Tim Allen, Larry Metcalfe, Bonnie Hunt, Jodie Benson, Larry Allen, Jeff Carlin, Blake Clark, Butt Lucky, Estelle Harris, Jeff Pitzen.

Character buzz was created by Tim Allen during the events of Toy Story in 1995, it was the first film to be released by Pixar, and it was a huge success, and it prompted the company to show several episodes starring a much-loved buzz character by a big man. Children’s section.

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Lightyear is about a young astronaut Buzz Lightyear who, along with his captain and crew, is stranded on a hostile planet as he tries to find a way back home through space and time, while also facing threats to the unity of the universe. Co-written and directed by Angus MacLean, the film stars Chris Evans as Buzz alongside Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, James Brolin, Taika Waititi, Del Souls, Uzo Aduba and Mary McDonald Lewis.

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