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Hassan Youssef, Tham Abdul Aziz – Thought and Art – Shams al-Barodi reveals the secret of failure to wash the bodies of stars and celebrities


The Egyptian artist, Hassan Youssef, revealed the secret that his wife, retired artist, Shams al-Barudi, did not wash the body of Talal Abdel Aziz.

According to reports for the show “Hadrat al-Muwadin” aired on the Egyptian “Al-Hadat Al-Yum” channel, he took part in washing only his mother and his mother’s body, and then fell ill for almost a month.

She said a friend of hers told her her body had changed because she could not bear to wash the corpses.

She insisted that when she was compassionate to her soul, they prayed for her, and she recited the Nobel Quran in her home.

The departure of Hassan Youssef, artist Talal Abdel Aziz, confirmed that the art community had lost “good grace, an artist and a loving colleague.”

She prayed to God to be with the help of her two daughters, artists Tonia and Amy Sameer Ghanem, and to bless their husbands, artist Hassan al-Rattad and media personality Rami Ratwan.

Talal Abdel Aziz died on Saturday, at the age of 61, after a fierce battle with the new “corona” virus that lasted nearly 100 days.

Yesterday, Sunday, her funeral took place from the mosque of Field Marshal Tantawi in the Fifth Residence in Cairo, with her two daughters, Tonia and Amy Samir Ghanem and their husbands, Rami Ratwan and Hassan al-Radat.

Many artists, including Ilham Shaheen, Samir Sabri, Rashwan Tawfiq, Donia El-Sherbini, Dora and her husband, Ahmed Sahar and her two daughters, Hana Sahid, media personality Hala Sarhan and many others attended the funeral of Talal Abdel Aziz.

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