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HBO goes behind the scenes of the superhero industry with this satirical series



Thursday 10 August 2023 / 17:22

In a satirical comedy way, the “HBO” platform has filmed a series titled “The Franchise”, which goes into the scenes and situations surrounding the creation of superheroes, from script writing to filming and editing to visualisation. on screens.

The audience welcomes the work even before it is shown and praises the talent of its acting heroes

Sam Mendes has made a quantum leap from action movies to comedy series

The magazine pointed outThe Hollywood ReporterThis led to the halting of the montage process until the shooting of the series was completed a day before the Hollywood stars joined the strike.. As for its release date, it will undoubtedly depend on the outcome of the open strike that began. Since last May.

In a statement to HBO’s executive vice president, Amy Gravitt pointed out that the series is a touch of creative comedy writer John Armando’s work that delivers a text that doesn’t hurt, hurt or hurt anyone’s feelings. .

Gravid told the magazine:VarietyDirector Sam Mendes, known for his action and thriller films like the James Bond series “Skyfall”, has changed his skin this time to come up with something that is expected to be a huge hit. Applies to all members of the family.

The story of the series

Directed by Sam Mendes, the series deals with the story of film crews who hate each other and try to prove their status in the technical or acting team in a humorous environment.. Hamish Patel and Aya Cash co-starred in the series..

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Enthusiasm and reception from the audience

Soon after the release of the series, the news of actress Aya Kesh received widespread response from the audience on the internet Reddit, deeming her intelligent and beautiful, and noting her talent in acting. This matter applies to director Mendes’ famous works.

As for Hamish Patel, the protagonist of the series, he has received the lion’s share of accolades and accolades for his acting and versatility, moving away from playing characters of young Indians coming to Europe and America and clashing with different cultures. .

Who is the hero of the series?

Patel is a British actor, musician and singer of Indian origin. He started his career as Tamwar Masood in the BBC series Easter in 2007 and continued until 2016.

But in 2021, his greatest fame came from his role in the miniseries on HBO “Station 11”, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award, and roles, the last of which was the cartoon “Amazing Morris”. Shown in February 2023.

Who is the heroine of the series?

Nanny Rachel Cash is considered one of the new talents on the American television scene, after gaining fame for her role in the series “You’re the Worst” on the “Fox” channel that ran from 2014 to 2019.

As for his most recent role, it was in The Boys Stormfront series, which started in 2020 and ended in 2022, and dealt with a group of boys and girls being transformed into superheroes by a storm that hit them.

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