May 29, 2023

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He sparked controversy by turning away from “atheism” .. Egyptian actor Mustafa Darwish dies

The death of Egyptian actor, Mustafa Darwish, at the age of 43, has received a lot of media attention in Egypt in the past few hours.

Darwish al-Mawlid died in 1980 after a prolific artistic career punctuated by some stances on social and religious issues, including his stance on the “Miraj” issue raised by Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa. .

His brother Mustafa Darwish announced his death through his Facebook account without explaining the cause. Producer Jamal al-Adl al-Watan said in statements to the newspaper that he died of a heart attack, while a hospital source who witnessed the deceased’s death told the newspaper that the main cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Mustafa Darwish started his artistic career with the director Khaled Youssef in 2011 in the movie “Ghaf Al Qamar”. And he has had previous statements that he was randomly selected for the task as he was on the set and was chosen to play the role of a police officer, admitting it based on experience.

He participated in other works including “Saheb al-Sada” series, “B100 Wesh” series, “Kolha with Love” and “Sara al-Bati” series that were shown last Ramadan.

Darwish had an earlier position on the claims of Ibrahim Isa, in which he considered some of the stories related to the Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven to be “fake”.

Darvish wrote in an earlier post that he had decided to boycott any Issa program, and that he was withdrawing from “The Atheist” because Issa was the author of the work after filming had already begun. He said: “It is clear that this is a legitimate war and I do not accept my religion being used as a tool of war.”

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Issa’s statements sparked widespread controversy on social media, prompting the intervention of the Public Prosecution Office and a response from al-Azhar scholars and Dar al-Badwa in Egypt.

“Illusion” of Isra and Mirage.

Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa’s reports on the night of Isra and Mirage sparked widespread controversy on social media, necessitating the intervention of the Public Prosecution Office and a response by al-Azhar scholars and Dar al-Fatwa in Egypt.