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“He wanted to eat.” One of the world’s oldest living lions has been killed in a shed in Kenya


Written by Ihab Mohammed

Sunday, May 14, 2023 at 12:38 pm

Lion Guardians, an environmental conservation organization, said Lonquito could be bigger Black In Africa, Omar was killed at the age of 19 in Kenya, the organization said the lion Lonkido, the owner of the cattle shed, was killed last Wednesday after entering the cattle shed in the middle of the night in search of prey due to “hunger”.

Announcing his death, Lion Guardians said he was “the largest male lion in our ecosystem and in Africa”.CNN“Arab.

The organization added, “He was a symbol of determination and coexistence. We at Lion Guardians are proud to have witnessed his life and legacy.” The organization attributes the recent longevity of older wild lions to their efforts. Local communities, which share land with the big animals, added: “A decade ago, we didn’t have lions over 10 years old.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website, the exponential increase in demand for energy and materials over the past 50 years has led humans and lions to compete for space and resources.

Lions travel long distances, sometimes leaving protected areas, hunting for prey when their food sources are depleted, and when they hunt their livestock they threaten human communities, and farmers kill them in retaliation or to prevent conflict. ..

“Unfortunately, Longitu was caught up in this movement,” the Lion Guardians said. Kenya is experiencing its worst drought in four decades. The end of a drought is usually marked by conflicts between humans and lions, as hunting for wild prey becomes more difficult. And livestock owners are the most affected, the organization said. “Extremely Vigilant” After Losing Multiple Animals.

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