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He will attend meetings instead of you.. Building a new AI tool for Google Meet


Written by Sama Labib

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 at 07:00 AM

During the Cloud Next exhibition, Google revealed several new features powered by artificial intelligence that will soon be available in an app. Google Meet for meetings.

According to the report, one of the new AI-enabled features is the ability for Google’s Duet AI to take notes in real-time: tap “Take notes for me,” and the app will take notes and actions while the meeting is underway. .

And if you’re late for a meeting, Google will show you a meeting summary so you can follow what happened during the call, and you can talk privately with the Google chatbot. If you miss it, once the meeting is over, you can save the summary to Documents and return to it after the meeting, and add video clips of key moments.

These AI-backed features are a way to free people from taking notes during meetings and make meeting follow-up easier, and it’s clear that Microsoft and Zoom think it’s a good idea: They’ve introduced their own AI-backed. Meeting summaries, but summaries are only useful if you accurately capture what happened during the meeting.

Google really changed things up with Meet over the past two years in the early days of the pandemic, rebranding the app from “Hangouts Meet” to “Google Meet” and adding more features over the three years since.

To combat the fatigue of staring at dozens of video tiles in a Meet call, Google is also adding dynamic layouts that offer different sizes and shapes for those tiles. The tiles are usually rectangular in shape, but if the room has a group of participants, the tiles can be larger. So you don’t have to stare at the little box to see who’s sitting around the table, and Google’s small Meet features are coming, too, including adding a teleprompter. Slide presentations during Meet calls. (They all come to labs next year.)

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