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Health Authority Abu Dhabi services and how to benefit from them


The Ministry of Health in the Emirates has announced a number of services associated with the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, including the HAAD test, through which doctors and medical staff are qualified to practice the profession, and all applicants for the test must pass the Prometric exam, in which several papers are specified and… To take this exam Any aspirant must know the specific papers of prometric to crack the exam.

Health Authority Abu Dhabi

The Health Authority has clarified all the documents to be submitted while applying for prometric testing for vocational training.

  • Required documents include graduation certificate.

  • With explanation of standards.

  • The applicant must have passed the higher level and have a certificate to prove this.

  • Experience certificate should be current and not more than 3 months old.

  • Holding a passport.

  • Extract the individual photo and make sure it has a white background.

  • He must be licensed to practice.

  • Applicant should attach a certificate of good conduct, if recent and obtained from the union he belongs to.

  • Submit the educational qualification obtained, if any. It can mean master degree or doctorate degree, degrees.

  • If the applicant has a fellowship, it is necessary to submit a certificate with the condition of completing the training.

  • For nurses, providing BLS course certification is essential.

  • Copy of Identity Card.

  • Case completion certificate for counsel and expert.

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Health Authority Abu Dhabi Services

Health Authority Abu Dhabi

It offers many health services Body Health Abu Dhabi aims to improve the medical sector in the emirate and the services of the Authority include:

  • The commission provides comprehensive newborn screening.

  • Through my health initiative for school students.

  • Persons intending to marry may undergo the necessary tests provided by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority for citizens of the Emirates.

  • The Authority provides all vaccinations from one week to seven years of age.

  • It provides a measure for pilgrims before traveling to perform the rites of Umrah or Hajj.

  • You provide a preventative measure.

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What is HAAD License?

It is a test taken by employees with the aim of getting an opportunity to work in the medical field.

How do I know the result of the DOH test?

It is a certificate of good conduct and good conduct issued by the concerned union and the validity period of the certificate is 6 months.

How much does data traffic cost in the UAE?

The data flow costs up to 1,050 UAE dirhams for those with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, with office costs of around 50 dirhams in total.

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