February 3, 2023

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Heel tax officials of French influence

Thanks to the cooperation of the German authorities, the French administration seems to want to catch up with the French influence established in Dubai.

For years, Dubai has served as a tax haven for French influencers.. Many, inspired by the living environment provided by Emirates, fled to this promised land. The argument is strong: total tax deduction. From reality TV candidates to social media magnates, we can no longer count the number of fallen personalities. But after a long period of “impunity”, the French administration is determined to keep its nose on the assets and heritage of these 2.0 stars. The dream will soon become a dream.

Dubai: The end of the dream of French influence? – Credit: Pixabay / n EnjoyWorld

In fact, German officials shared the contents of a CD sent anonymously with French tax authorities. The latter contains all the information of taxpayers fleeing under the Dubai Veil. More things might go!

The end of the dream?

German and French newspapers quickly published the information. Contact person Echoes, Ministry of Economy and Finance confirms the information. “German administration expresses willingness to send information held by French taxpayers” Thus relating to daily life. It seems that the tax authorities are determined to catch the fraudsters. In line of sight, the popular exit-line. This tax should specifically tax the capital gains of influencers.

Thus, in the coming months, radical revelations could undermine French personalities who have escaped to Dubai. The sums are staggering, measured in millions of euros. After doing everything to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world, Dubai could experience a drastic turn. However, the City of Light did not reduce the routes. Aggression campaign, a better climate, El Dorado’s promise of security: all arguments were. But all of this could quickly turn into distant memory.

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But why do our influencers choose this goal? The reason is simple: The existence of free zones, without any taxes. By creating a company in these places, influencers do not have to pay any dividends from their income. So, if we know that the monthly profit of some people is about 50,000 euros, then we understand very well the reason why they were deported.

But some are already beginning to feel the waves. This is especially the case with popular reality TV candidate Nabila. One pioneer said the young woman was packing her bags and leaving for the United States. Because if the tax authorities catch these types of personalities quickly, the bill promises to be steep! It seems to be turning the page for those who eventually benefit from a poorly oiled system. The case to follow.

Source: Wise

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