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هند صبري تبدأ مهامها في لجنة تحكيم الأفلام الروائية الطويلة بمهرجان البحر الأحمر

Hend Sabri begins his duties on the jury for feature films

08:50 PM

Wednesday 08 December 2021

I wrote – Manal El-Kiyoshi:

Today, actress Hend Sabri begins her duties as a member of the jury for films at the Red Sea Festival in Jeddah during her first session.

The jury will be chaired by Italian International Director Giuseppe Tornadorio

Hind won the Best Actress award at the Francophone Film Awards for her performance in the Tunisian film “Nora’s Dream” in Rwanda, where this year’s edition took place.

It was handed over to the Belgian co-producer of the film, Stephen Tillman

Hind sent a video message in French to the award management, in which he apologized for not being able to attend the event and receive the award himself, but was linked to his trip to Jeddah to participate as a jury member. He is delighted to receive the award because of the large number of stars in the French-speaking countries who competed in the first session of the Red Sea Festival. And I am proud to receive this prestigious international award from all of these stars.

This award is one of the most important acting awards in the world and is equivalent to the American Academy Award for French-speaking countries. Any French-speaking or phonograph manufacturer around the world would compete for it.

The awards began in Docker in 2013, were distributed in Paris in 2014, in Abidjan in 2015, in Beirut in 2016, in Yaounde in 2017, in St. Louis in 2018, and may not have taken place in 2019 due to the Corona epidemic, and in 2020 in Kigali.

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Hind had previously won the Fayden Hamama Award for Outstanding Achievement at the Cairo International Film Festival.

For the same film, she won the Best Actress Award at the Carthage Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the El Gauna Film Festival.

Many awards throughout its history, and she was the first Arab woman to win this award.

Hind expressed his happiness and pride at the coronation and it is a continuation of the award journey he won for this role.

Hind is waiting for the presentation of the series “Find Ola” on the Netflix platform soon, starring: Chawson Badr, Honey Adele, and they will be joined by Nada Moussa, Mahmoud El-Laidi and Talia Shawki.