June 7, 2023

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Hend Sabri's "Searching for Ola" .. via "Netflix"

Hend Sabri’s “Searching for Ola” .. via “Netflix”

Hadi did not mention the date of the El-Bagori series (Facebook)

The Egyptian director, Hadi El-Bagori, announced the presentation of the series “Search for Ola” on Wednesday, where he released a picture from behind the scenes of the work and said “soon”.

The series has 6 episodes and will be shown “on stage” in the coming seasonsNetflix“Hend Sabri, Sasan Badr, Honey Adel and Nada Musa, and the story was written by Kada Abdel Al, who co-wrote the script and dialogue with Maha Al-Wazir. Fati Abdel Al-Wahhab et al.
In previous reports, Sabri denied that the series would be the second installment in the series “I Want to Get Married”, which was previously released in 2010, directed by Rami Imam and was a huge success. He emphasized that the story was completely different.

The series, which ended filming last June, revolves around a divorced pharmacist who rediscovers himself in line with the pace of life, while not forgetting the love side of her life as she searches for love.
Actress Sasan Badr plays the role of Dr. Ola’s mother, while artist Honey Adele appears in the role of his ex-wife.
The artist’s last television appearance, Hend Sabri, was a series of “a counter-attack” shown last Ramadan, co-starring Ahmed S, Hisham Selim and Ahmed Fouad Selim, and the story was written by Ahmed Ala al-Deep. The work taken.

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