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Her husband is an Arab businessman. Lindsay Lohan shows off her pregnancy

Her husband is an Arab businessman. Lindsay Lohan shows off her pregnancy

Lindsay Lohan with her husband Badr Al Shammas

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International star Lindsay Lohan has appeared in new photos showing off her pregnancy, along with her husband, an Arab businessman, and his family members.

Yesterday, Friday, the American actress appeared in photos she posted on her Instagram account, while she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, while she was in New York with her husband, Badr Al Shammas, her parents, Dina and Michael, and her brothers, Cody and Michael Jr., and her Sister, Aliana.

She captioned the post with a comment that read, “Beautiful times… so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life.”


The Mean Girls star announced her pregnancy 6 weeks ago with a picture of a white baby dress emblazoned with the words Coming Soon, “We’re so lucky and excited!”

She shared the same photo on her “Instagram Stories”, referring to her husband Badr Shammas’ account – a private account – on the app.

And Logan, who will celebrate her 36th birthday in 2022, has announced she is getting married, posting a picture in which she reveals the features of her husband, Badr Al Shammas, who is reported to be an Emirati citizen. , is of Kuwaiti descent and was born in Kuwait 34 years ago to a Kuwaiti father and a Lebanese mother.

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The couple got engaged on 11/11/2021, where the American artist posted a picture of himself with his partner, commenting: “My love. My life. My family. My future.”

It has been rumored for years that the actress converted to Islam, but it is not known when or where. However, in a video dated 2017, which can be found on YouTube, he mentions that an Arab friend of his living in London gave him a copy of the Quran, which was one of the reasons for his conversion. True religion.

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