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Hiding it after 23 years…the amazing secret that lets you play pirated games on PS1!


One of the developers revealed a secret about his game that he kept from Sony for 23 years. That secret lies in his game Alien Resurrection for PS1. A better way is by exploiting a loophole in the device's software and bypassing it, the player can play hacked games.

The developer said they hid the method from Sony so as not to open the door to piracy, and at the time, 23 years ago, doing something like this was considered too dangerous on a legal level, especially with the PS1. But we will tell you what method and how to do it using the game below.

The secret has now come to light as Martin Piper, the programmer responsible for the game, revealed it to the content creator himself. A modern vintage gamer. According to the developer, neither his colleagues nor Sony knew about the code's secret function, otherwise it certainly wouldn't have allowed them to keep it in the game.

The reason the code went undetected for so long may be due to the steps required to implement it. The steps are a little difficult, especially during that period, as we are talking about 23 years, it does not occur to anyone.

Play pirated PS1 games with Alien Revival

In order for a player to play game by game hacking games on PlayStation 1 device, he needs to follow the following steps:

  • Turn on the device with the drive open and cover the drive close sensor with something like a cardboard box.
  • Next, you need to enter the three cheat codes and select the correct size in the cheat menu. If you hold down the L1 button and press the X button, the game will pause and the disc will stop spinning.
  • You will need to insert any ripped or stolen game CD and run it using the correct key combination.
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If this code was already widespread at the time, anyone could have easily played pirated copies on their PlayStation 1.

According to the developer, the cheat code is not implemented in the game to secretly play the pirated versions. Of course, the reason for implementing such codes is due to the developer's intention not to release the game on two discs. To better understand the method, watch the video below.

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