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High school students write chemistry and geography exams.. Education: Questions are error free as per technical specifications.. And confirm: No change in answer time.. Cheaters should be penalized. Two year examinations


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 12:00 AM

On Sunday, June 25, high school students will take Chemistry for the (Science and Sports) section and Geography for the (Literature) section, and STEM students will take the Concepts of Chemistry test.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has fixed the number of essay and multiple choice questions in geography exam for literature section in high school and chemistry for science section, total 60 degrees in chemistry and number of essay questions is 2. The questions allotted to them are of 4 marks, and the objective 44 questions are of 56 marks making a total of 56 marks of 46. The total marks for Geography subject is 60 marks. The number of essay questions is 2, scoring 4, and objective questions 44, scoring 56, bringing the total number of questions to 46.

The ministry stressed that the best questions would represent 15% of the course mark, explaining that 70% of the questions were for simple and medium mental levels and 30% were for higher levels, explaining that the exam was aimed at measuring learning outcomes. and application, and questions are graded from easy to very difficult, and questions include sections to rank students’ levels and categorize them by grades and totals, indicating that students should be familiar with all areas of the curriculum. Emphasizing that the questions are error-free, balanced and as per the technical specifications of the examination paper.

The Ministry further went on to explain that the answer to Essay Questions in General Intermediate Examinations and Optionals is one time and one at a time, while the answer time is 3 hours in Chemistry and Geography. , stressing that no extra answering time can be given to the students after the exam time, observers in transport teams are cautioned to hand over the question-and-answer books to the students within the stipulated time, even if two or three hours are allotted for the exams. Exams start at nine in the morning without delay, procedures for students to sign the lists are completed during the exam and if the data for the student is normal, the student writes it, it only takes a few minutes.

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The ministry indicated that the law will apply to any student involved in photographing the questions or answers and publishing them in cheating groups and will be debarred from the examinations for up to two years in addition to criminal penalties. All the observed facts shall be transferred to the public prosecution for its affairs.

Sources in charge of the ministry said that the records of all the cases monitored by the heads of the committees, surveillance cameras or operation room etc. Taken in relation to them.

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