February 7, 2023

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Goodbye to fat..a “super” fruit and a half hour walk

D + D – Normal size

In light of the fact that one of the most important concerns of civilization and luxury is physical health, slim body and healthy body, office work and robots taking on the many hard jobs that humans do .. Numerous studies show that playing on food. Plays an important role in weight loss, do some exercise as well.

And for the difficulty of maintaining an athlete’s lifestyle, people are looking for foods that help burn fat without much effort, and researchers say that consuming blackberry juice only half an hour five days a week can help you lose weight. According to “Russia” today “.

Studies have shown that this fruit is especially useful for those who have high fat in the legs.

It is noteworthy that the supplementation of berries with a natural source of phytochemicals called anthocyanins causes the body to crave fat as a fuel.

Researchers at the University of Chichester tested a group of active women who took a 30-minute brisk walk and went for a walk after taking 600 mg of New Zealand black currant juice, CurraNZ, for seven days.

Black currant is described as a “superfood” and contains high levels of anthocyanins.

The researchers found that this supplement helped to increase fat burning by an average of 25%. Women who actually responded to black currants increased their fat burning by 66 percent, the researchers said.

Also those with more fat on the legs had a greater effect compared to those with more fat on the hands.

Researchers believe that this is due to adipocytes (fat cells) in the legs, which contribute to the burning of fat during exercise rather than the hands or abdomen.

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This study shows that women double the rate of fat burning compared to men who do the same exercise.

It is natural for women to rely on fat as a fuel rather than men fortified with black currant.

“When used with exercise and a controlled diet, we can begin to seriously believe that black currant juice is very beneficial in controlling body weight,” says Mark Willems, professor of fitness physics at the University of Chester.

He explained. , You can experience meaningful improvements during normal activities throughout the day. This includes going shopping, gardening, doing housework or any activity of the low to medium intensity activity. Day in general, without sweat “.