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Historian Says Mona Lisa Has Mysterious Bridge


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Leonardo da Vinci’s painting known as the “Mona Lisa” is one of the most famous works of art in the world because of its beauty, the mystery of its personality and the. The place depicted behind it!

The village of Ponte Buriano, a suburb of Artesia in Italy’s Tuscany region, has been a source of debate for centuries.

In turn, he believes that the bridge behind the Mona Lisa is the “Ponte Buriano” bridge, which has inspired the village to become a key feature of their local tourism campaign.

However, according to historian Silvano Vincetti, the bridge behind the Mona Lisa is actually the “Rometo” bridge in Latrina, near Tuscany.

“The unique shape of the Arno River resembles Leonardo’s depiction of the woman on the left in the famous painting,” Vincetti told a media conference at the Foreign Press Association in Rome on Wednesday.

Vincenti also drew on documents from Florence’s state archives and created a fictional reconstruction of the bridge to show the resemblance.

Image depicting the painting “Mona Lisa” in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Photo credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

The Mona Lisa was painted in the early sixteenth century.

Vincenti explains that da Vinci lived near Latrina between 1501 and 1503.

The bridge was later in use and had four arches as shown in the artwork.

The Buriano Bridge, on the other hand, has six arches, Vincetti said. The Ponte Papio Bridge, which some believe originated in the artwork, has more than 6 arches.

Laterina Mayor Simona Neri, who was present at the press conference, is excited about the claim of attracting 3,500 tourists to her city.

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He explained, “We hope this exciting news will attract local and foreign tourists, knowing that it will be a wonderful opportunity to relaunch tourism in our lands.”

“The rest of the bridge needs to be preserved and that will require funding,” Neri said, noting that funding is available for most of the areas associated with Da Vinci and other masters.

Da Vinci’s sixteenth-century masterpiece is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, visited by millions of visitors every year.

Experts say the artwork gained its fame when it was stolen in 1911 by Italian craftsman Vincenzo Auggia.

“There’s really nothing special about it other than it’s a good work by a very famous artist until it’s stolen,” said Noah Charney, professor of art history and author of “Thefts of the Mona Lisa.” 2013.

He continued, “The theft really increased her appeal and made her a household name.”

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