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Hollande loves Barcelona more than Real Madrid … and his contract details have been revealed


Press reports have revealed that the Norwegian star, Earling Holland, has chosen Barcelona as his next venue after German footballer Borussia Dortmund decided to move to Spain from next season.

Earling Holland attracts the attention of Spanish football poles Real Madrid and several major European clubs, including Barcelona, ​​in addition to the two poles of Manchester City, United and Paris Saint-Germain.

“I’ll play here in Spain,” Hollande told fans’ questions about his future, but he wants to move to Barcelona instead of Real Madrid, as he plans to sign Holland and French striker Kylian Mbabane, Paris Saint-Germain. The Norwegian loves the “golden boy”, the project is successful and associated only with the big team in its name.

Mino Riola, the agent of the young Norwegian striker, is known to be a best friend of Barcelona captain Jon Laborda.

Riola was able to convince Holland that if he played against Kylian Mbabane, he would become more popular without playing alongside him on a team.

Juan La Porte promised to leave Holland for the Catalan side of the club if he could find the money to pay the 75 million contract with Barcelona, ​​according to press reports.

The Spanish newspaper Quattro, in a statement on Tuesday, confirmed that Hollande had chosen Barcelona as his next target after his decision to move to Spain from next season, and revealed details of a possible deal between the two sides.

The newspaper pointed out that Hollande will sign a contract with Barcelona for 3 seasons, except for two variables.

He said the Norwegian star would receive a salary of 30 million euros a season and that Barcelona were currently working to meet all his demands and that it would be historic if the deal was finalized.

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The newspaper points out that Barcelona president Jon Laborda wants to prove that Barcelona is back and that any player in the market can sign.

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Hollande declares it openly: I'll play here!

The Barcelona management is currently trying to remove a large number of players from the team and sign them to the Holland level.

Erling Holland, 21, has established himself as one of the biggest rising football stars since scoring 76 goals in 74 games for Borussia Dortmund since coming from Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg in January 2020.

Source: Agencies

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