September 29, 2022

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عالم مصرى: حركة الإلكترونات أساس الحياة و"فخور أنى أول حد هيصورها"

An Egyptian scientist: The movement of electrons is the basis of life, and “I am proud to be the first person to photograph it.”

The doctor revealed Hassan, a professor of physics and light at the University of Arizona in the United States, and his research team succeeded in inventing and measuring electronic motion during the “Atosecond” period: “Atosecond’s speed is one-half billionth of a second, one billionth of a second … and one auto Second is one billionth of a second. “

He added during the last word show aired on the channel OnThere are two ways to track electrons, the indirect method of measuring laser spectrum change and the direct method by microscope, which is currently unattainable by anyone.

What is the benefit of monitoring the motion of electrons ?. We see everything, it enters into substances and chemical reactions, and our observation helps to control its movement, explains that the pharmaceutical industry controls the movement of electrons: there is a medical revolution and everyone takes a drug according to his genetic map, and it is used to turn glass into a conductor of electricity.

He continued, “For the first time in my study I have been able to observe the movement of electrons in the normal environment and air, and aim to film their movement, and point out that this is a great scientific achievement in all fields. The research team from China, Kuwait, Egypt, Japan and Germany, “I’m proud to be the first person to photograph the movement of electrons,” he says.

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