June 6, 2023

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Honey Shaker will hold a concert in Bahrain on April 24

Written by Baha Nabil

Saturday, 01 April 2023 05:00 AM

Yahya is an artist Honey Shekhar As part of a series of concerts by singing stars in various Arab countries, the Prince of Arab Singing will perform in the State of Bahrain on Monday, April 24.

Performer, Honey Shaker, presents a variety of his old and modern songs in which the audience connects: Oh, the most precious name to exist, I love you, baby, we’ll live, every night, I need you, my life, patience is gone from him, I want you Not complaining, you’re the reason, a call Fara, a promise from me, a message from under the water, don’t threaten you, buy me, the world will be beautiful with you, I asked you, you still ask, Ali al-Tahkaya, my heart is for you.

It is noteworthy that Honey Shaker recently released his latest song “A Difference in Sensation” on his YouTube channel and this song is written by Ismail Rafat, composed by Walid Saad, distributed by Khaled Nabil, mixed and mastered by Yasser Anwar..

And Honey Shaker had promoted the song with a new “new look” unlike what Arab Prince’s fans were singing, earning praise from his fans and followers..

And Artist, Musician’s ex-captain Honey Shaker, who has announced her return to acting after a years-long hiatus, confirmed that she is gearing up to enter the world of television drama with a drama production. Ayman Salama’s writing indicates that he held several working sessions with Salama to find the initial details of a common form for the series..

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