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Hope Probe presents new views of the Martian atmosphere


Scientific data released by the Emirates Mars Exploration Program, “Probe of Hope”, contributed to the launch of a scientific movement around the Martian atmosphere, providing new views of the Martian atmosphere, and this unprecedented scientific data was presented at the annual Fall Meeting. American Geophysical Union 2021, New Orleans in the United States.

The scientific data sent by the “Probe of Hope” during its scientific mission to explore the red planet’s climate and atmosphere opens up new frontiers for scientific research on Mars, especially the previously announced key findings about new and exciting observations. Unprecedented observation of Mars’ individual aurora and structures emanating from Mars, and the interaction and study of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the planet’s atmosphere are currently contributing to the creation of a complete daily scenario. Of the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Hessa al-Madrushi, deputy director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Program, said the “Probe of Hope” for scientific affairs was “certain that the success of the Hope study was based on our results and early observations.

“We look at Mars in great detail and can first describe the daily features of the Martian atmosphere, and the possibilities we are now exploring are beyond our expectations.”

The scientific papers presented at the American Geophysical Union 2021 Fall Anniversary Meeting in New Orleans, attended by HopePrope’s Scientific Team, reflect the unique image of Mars’ atmosphere being built by HopePrope. Through the Emirates Mars Exploration Program, a set of advanced devices, on board, and in the unique orbit of the study, it offers new views of the Martian atmosphere around the clock, day and night, in four seasons of red.

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Christopher Edwards, a member of the Scientific Team for the Infrared Spectrometer, said Hope’s ability to observe Mars at all times, and in short, allows the study of daily changes in the clouds around the planet. Infrared spectrometer observations show that the clouds are thicker, covering most of the area in the early morning and evening, with less clouds during the day. Comparing the observations of this instrument with the wavelengths visible with a digital spy camera can provide additional information about clouds, such as the amount of water-ice fog forming from the clouds.

For his part, Michael Wolf, a member of the digital research camera’s science team, said clouds on Mars are an important part of the water cycle and determine how they change from hour to hour and day to day. An important part of understanding the nature of the present and past climate.

“Hope Probe” seeks to fill an important gap in scientists’ understanding of Mars, and seeks to achieve its mission goal of addressing multiple scientific goals. The pioneering scientific work is available to scientists, researchers and entertainment enthusiasts around the world as it can be downloaded through the Science Data Center at the project website at

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