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How Apple is betting on the success of games on the “Mac” operating system?.. New features and games


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Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 10:00 am

Mac is good at many, many things, but somehow it is considered not good for gaming. There’s some credence to this notion, but that doesn’t mean the Mac is a failure when it comes to gaming. However, Apple intends to change this concept later this year with MacOS Sonoma WWDC 2023 Apple announced a few features that show its intentions for gaming on the Mac.

The strength of the interface is metal

Metal is an API developed by Apple that enables hardware-accelerated graphics on Apple’s operating systems. Metal is a “low-cost API, rich shader language, tight integration of graphics and computation, and an unparalleled set of GPU specification and debugging tools.”

This year, the new Game Porting Toolkit makes it easier than ever to bring games from other platforms to the Mac, and the Metal Shader Converter simplifies the process of converting game shaders and graphics code.

Metal introduces a new game onboarding toolkit, eliminating months of upfront work and letting developers see how well their current game runs on the Mac in just a few days, and it also simplifies the process of completely changing game shaders and graphics code. Apple Silicon’s performance advantage is that Apple claims it dramatically reduces total development time. This will make it easier for developers to port games to the Mac.

Big names and games are coming to Mac

With the M series of processors, gaming has definitely become an interesting proposition on Macs. According to Apple, game developers are using Metal 3 to bring exciting new titles to the Mac. Some of the big names coming to Mac include Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Stray, Fort Solis, World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight, Humankind. , and Resident Evil Village: Winter’s Expansion, The Medium, ELEX II, Firmament, Snowrunner, and Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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A completely new game mode

with Macos SonomaApple will also introduce a dedicated Gaming Mode, and according to Apple, the Gaming Mode will provide an enhanced gaming experience with smoother and more consistent frame rates by ensuring that games get higher priority on the CPU and GPU.

Game Mode deepens gaming on Macs – reducing audio latency with AirPods and dramatically reducing input latency with popular game controllers like Xbox and PlayStation by doubling the Bluetooth sample rate. Game mode works with any game, including recent and upcoming Mac games.

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