March 31, 2023

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How Bad is the Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-In? Here is the 3600 hour test

OLED screens are beautiful, brilliant and vibrant – but they are not always durable. Eventually, organic light pixels can be damaged, and some people worry about this Nintendo Switch equipped with OLEDReleased last October, it could eventually lead to burns. Good news? According to one test, it can take up to 3,600 hours of continuous play on a fixed screen to reach a point Start See the first signs of this terrifying disease screen.

Report by YouTuber Wolf Dunn Five months later, the Nintendo Switch turns on the OLED, inserts it into the charger, and leaves a standard shot The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildThe connection effectively sees the sun, and it is now Finally Take a look at some shades. And this is not much, you will see for yourself in the video posted above. (Wolf ton Tested in 1800 Hours, and no significant effect at that time).

As my colleague Chris Welch told you Initially, burn-in was not a fear on OLED screens, as technology has come a long way in terms of both OLED sub-pixel lifetime and built-in software protection. Sometimes these defenses can be a bit aggressive, I explain In my review of the LG C1 OLED TV 48 inches. But they are there, and even if the burning continues, everything Nintendo does will work.

By: Nintendo Switch became 5 last week. Here are some excerpts we wrote to celebrate it: