March 29, 2023

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How did Adel Imam behave after his granddaughter followed him to the “School of Rebels”?

Artist Adel Imam’s granddaughter Hala Mokbel followed a scene from the play “The School of Hooligans” when she watched videos of her grandfather on social media.

The artist’s granddaughter, Adel Imam, said during her interview on “ET Arabic”: “When he saw my videos, I followed him during a scene in the riot school play. It was very simplistic.”

She expressed the way her grandfather treated her and the other grandchildren, emphasizing that they all encourage them to practice their hobbies and that they are very motivated. The work closest to her grandfather’s heart is the series “His Excellency”, the series “Hidden Worlds”, and the movie “Morgan Ahmed Morgan”.

Hala said about the reason for deleting it after the video spread: “I’m too young to be insulted, which is why I deleted that video. The same people who insulted me would not be silent if someone insulted their children on the street.”

Al-Jaim’s last cinematic work was “Zimmer”, which was shown in 2010, while his last television work was “Valentino”, which was released in the month of Ramadan 2020 and was directed by his son Rami Imam.


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