March 25, 2023

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How did Suarez annoy Goman after scoring a goal against Barcelona?

The Atletico Madrid star, Luis Suarez, refused to celebrate his former club Barcelona the day before yesterday, but he made a move considering it was a message to “Barca” coach Ronald Comen.

Suarez scored for Barcelona in the 44th minute, before the end of the first half he scored the second goal for his team, a few seconds later, signaling that some had been directed to Gomez.

The senior Atletico Madrid striker and former Barcelona scorer ran towards the stands as cameras caught him pointing his hand with a phone signature in front of the stands after the goal.

Considering the Dutchman’s announcement that the Dutchman had left his accounts in Barcelona in 2020, explanations went that Suarez wanted to send a message to coach Coman, with only a minute – long phone call: “Russia Today”.

“This is my respect for my former teammates and my time in Barcelona, ​​as well as the difficult conditions the club is experiencing now,” Suarez said after the match.

Atletico won 2-0, raising their lead to 17 points, one goal ahead of Real Madrid.


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