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How did “TV11” change the style of comedy films in Saudi Arabia?


CEO Alaa Faden Asharq Al-Awsat said: We are passionate about telling local stories and we have 5 new works

Many Saudis are attracted to humorous works of art, which is clearly reflected in local production, there are plenty of jokes and jokes and series based on a witty critical sense, but local comedy films were far from this gloss due to their scarcity. Or the audience’s need for trust in them has become an audience hit and a box office hit today.

Standing in the midst of this major shift comes a number of data points between the strength of government support the Saudi film industry has enjoyed in recent years and the recovery of filmmakers. Delfass 11”, which was launched about 12 years ago and marked a marked change in the style of Saudi comedies. It includes “The Mixer” which is one of the 10 most viewed films in Saudi Arabia on the “Netflix” platform, “Sadar” which was an unprecedented success at the box office, and other works that are among its strengths. Storytelling that stems from an in-depth reading of Saudi society, as those responsible for “Telfar 11” explain.

Since comedy is an important pillar of the seventh art, the Saudi Film Festival, which will begin next May 4 in Tehran, has chosen “Comedy Cinema” as the focus of the ninth session of the festival. Encourage Saudi filmmakers and encourage them to focus on this axis in their next productions.

Ala Yusuf Faden, CEO of “Delfas 11”.


Alaa Youssef Faden, CEO of “Telefaz 11”, speaking to “Asharq Al-Awsat”, indicates that “Telefaz 11” has become an important and influential part of the film industry in Saudi Arabia. Based on the experience of “Telefaz 11”, the expectations of the audience yearning for quality and professional cinematic works. A long time in telling local stories in a creative style that is close to the audience.

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And Faden added, “We are working on an ambitious growth strategy (Telfaz 11) and we are realizing the big changes and increasing demand for cinema works in theaters or through digital platforms.” When asked by Telfaz 11 about the projects he is currently working on, he says: “Last year, we launched our first business through the (Netflix) platform; With the film (Al-Qalat), it achieved historic views and great interaction from the audience and the film (Sattaar) has been an unprecedented success at the Saudi box office till this moment.

The voice of the new generation

When Faden asked about the secret to the success of the “Telfaz 11” business, it was due to a constant interest in craftsmanship and creative integrity, and a strong focus on constantly pushing the creative wheel and its limits. He says speak in the voice of the new generation. And he continues: “The company has great ambition and always seeks to grow in its products and its audience, and the results of this ambition and pursuit include the successes it has achieved.”

The CEO of “Telfaz 11” while revealing the upcoming works said, “We have completed 5 works which will soon see the light of day on digital platforms and theatres, besides making many more projects, we will start producing and shooting next. For two years.”

creative change

Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) this week announced the launch of the “SRMG Ventures” division, which specializes in venture capital investments in line with the group’s transformation and growth strategy. Its first investments and partnerships came with two promising companies, one of which was “Delfas 11” as a Saudi studio specializing in creative production and local entertainment content, and it had many outstanding successes. Commenting on the dimensions of this transformation, he says: “We are very happy and proud to partner with Saudi Research and Media Company (SRMG) through its investment arm and share with them an ambitious and broad vision of the future. Media industry and especially cinema industry. This partnership will also contribute to the achievement of (Telfaz 11) goals in the short and medium term, and strengthen our position in a competitive market that is growing at a rapid rate and full of promising opportunities.

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“TV 11”

To understand this more clearly, Telfaz 11 is a leading creative media production company based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, working to provide local entertainment content in the Middle East region, and the network leads a group of young influencers on social media, who are unconventional in their views. They are interested in conveying the method.

Specializes in content creation with Delphi 11 (Digital Originals); independent, customer-centric production operations (Creative House); and through long series, cinema films and movies (premium content).

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