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How do I apply for electronic sick leave in Qatar?


As part of the development plans of the Government of Qatar, the Government of Qatar has made available an electronic sick leave system, which is considered to be the most advanced electronic service available through the Ministry of Health in the country. The system benefits many parties concerned as it saves labor, time and routine procedures for employees and ensures that employees get leave quickly.

Electronic sick leave

Electronic sick leave requests are submitted to employees and official medical certificates are uploaded to the platform. With this, the HR Department can verify the validity of the data and certificates entered through the following steps:

  • You must enter the designated Hukumi portal to issue licenses via the link From here.

  • Then select Electronic Submission Service.

  • Then log in directly to your own Health Practitioner account, write down the password, and then email it.

  • Click on the Sick Leave Grant tab.

  • After that, all the information about the person submitting the application is written.

  • Then select the word “Submit Application” and you will have to wait for ten minutes and you will get the PDF form for sick leave.

  • After all the previous steps, you need to print the form and sign it, you also need to get the government stamp and you also need to get the stamp of the company where the applying person is working.

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Electronic sick leave requirements

Electronic sick leave

After we have discussed the steps required to apply for a leave, we need to remind you that there is some information you need to know before deciding on a leave. Follow the following:

  • Passport and ID are used to confirm patient identity.

  • No claim for sick leave will be accepted unless it is issued directly from the organization affiliated to the Registration Department.

  • All health practitioners licensed primarily by the Qatar Council and belonging to various health specialties can easily and conveniently issue sick leave claim certificates.

  • The real objective of this system is to save time and effort, reduce routine procedures and increase the transparency of the process for all people who want to request leave for various medical reasons.

  • The system also helps improve human resource management for organizations as employees submit leave requests quickly and efficiently.

  • A sick leave form can be obtained by visiting the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar.

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How long does a medical report take?

Two weeks, no more.

How much sick leave is an employee entitled to per month??

He is entitled to six months’ full salary, six months’ half salary, six months’ temporary salary and six months’ unpaid salary.

Do employers have the right to deny sick leave?

No, the employer does not have the right to deny sick leave to the employee.

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