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How is Apple trying to integrate artificial intelligence into some of its services?


In an effort to keep pace with the rapid growth seen in the field of artificial intelligence, the American company “Apple” plans to use a large number of artificial intelligence techniques in its services, applications and software tools for both users and developers. Since last year, according to the agency report.Bloomberg“.

The report said that Apple is expected to invest an annual budget of one billion dollars to establish its presence in this fast-growing market.

During its annual WWDC 2023 developers conference, last June, Apple limited itself to introducing an obvious feature based on artificial intelligence that improves the automatic typing correction feature in its iOS 17 operating system.

Siri upgrade

The report sheds light on the company’s artificial intelligence department, a team based on artificial intelligence that is building a new version of Apple’s smart assistant, “Siri,” which the company expects to reach users next year.

The report also indicated that there were concerns within the company about the technology on which the improved version of Siri would depend, as it would take too long for the company to implement it in other services or apps.

Bloomberg, Apple has developed a formative artificial intelligence model for handling texts, called Ajax, and the equivalent of the ChatGPT platform called AppleGPT, internally, the American company has made it possible for employees to use its smart platform. Handling of texts.

iOS development

Apple is working to develop the iMessages text messaging app on iPhone phones to improve software settings, allowing users to create messages on different topics through text commands, similar to the mechanism used by ChatGPT and various smart conversation chat sites.

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The report also points out that the upcoming iPhone operating system will include features that simplify text editing and speed up the writing process, as well as automatic text correction in real-time, so that Apple’s services can keep pace with the development of competitors’ services.

The software engineering team is also working on adding artificial intelligence capabilities into software development tools such as artificial intelligence.

The Services and Apps development team strives to deliver new features to Apple apps based on artificial intelligence and text commands. For example, Apple Music is currently experimenting with creating playlists. The Spotify service is powered by OpenAI.

Apple Services employees are working on features that allow users to create interactive presentations on the Slides service and draft on a variety of topics on the Pages service with artificial intelligence, simply by entering simple text commands.

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