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How To Connect Galaxy Phone To Car By Android Auto


When using the latest Android Auto technology in your car, you do not have to take your hands off the steering wheel because you will get full support from Android Auto.

This allows you to control the visibility of your car by recreating the screen and putting all the information you need in front of you.

In order to make the most of the capabilities of the Android Auto System in the car, we are reviewing below how to integrate the car with the latest Samsung Galaxy phone.

To connect all types of Samsung Galaxy phones in the car with the Android Auto operating system, you need to make sure that it is upgraded to the latest available version.

Android Auto Function

With the car’s Android auto system, you can view voice commands using driving directions or text messages, and also call friends hands-free to focus more on driving.

Also in-car Android Auto Platform services include tracking the car’s route through Google Maps, music application, phone calls and accessing SMS messages and Google Assistant services.

How To Connect Your Galaxy Phone To Car

The first step is to check the car and test whether the car or stereo is compatible with Android Auto.

Make sure Android Auto is turned on in your car settings, and on some vehicles, Android Auto support is included in the update.

If your vehicle is listed as a supported model but Android Auto does not work, try updating the infotainment system by looking at the vehicle’s manual or by contacting your local dealer.

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Step 2, Check the phone’s operating system. If your phone runs on Android 10, you do not need to download Android Auto separately, but if your phone runs Android 9 or earlier, you will need to download Android Auto from the Play Store.

Your phone connection must also allow data transfer to work on Android Auto.

The third and final step is to connect and start using Bluetooth or USB cable, the connection method may vary depending on the vehicle and the manufacturer, and check if it is displayed on the Android Auto screen.

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