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كيفية تعطيل شاشة اللمس في ويندوز 10

How to Disable Touchscreen in Windows 10

Touchscreen computers are pervasive in Windows 10, a kind of development in screen specifications.

In addition, touch screens are practically compatible with portable laptops or laptops or tablet computers.

But that does not mean that touchscreens will come to users with difficulty or inconvenience, touchscreens will reveal the possibility of accidentally touching and clicking on certain things you do not like.

So some users prefer to shut it down so they can better control their computers.

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Disable the touch screen in Windows 10 by changing the system registry

Registration allows you to change key Windows functions, so you can change it accordingly.

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You can disable the touch screen feature by following these steps:

Go to the Record Editing window via the Quick Release box and type Regedit in it.

Go to the following address in the system registry:


Then find the TouchGate file in the right side menu and double click on it.

Enter 0 instead of 1 in the menu window until the touch screen is disabled, you can enter the number 1 to restart the touch screen.

How to Disable Touchscreen in Windows 10

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Disable touch by Device Manager

Windows 10 gives you a Device Manager application, which allows you to control and turn on or off all devices connected to your computer.

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You can also control important computer hardware, such as graphics cards and hard disks, by turning the touch screen on or off and using the following steps:

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Right-click on the Start menu and then go to Device Manager via the menu that appears.

How to Disable Touchscreen in Windows 10

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Then find the Human Interface Devices tab and click on it to open the list of devices under it.

After that, right click on the called device HID-compatible touchscreen And select Disable Device.

You will see a message asking you to confirm the crash, so press OK and you can repeat the steps if you want to run them again.

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