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How to get health card in Qatar and how to benefit from it


Health Card is one of the important documents issued by Primary Health Care Corporation “PHCC” as per many restrictions and conditions it allows competent authorities to issue Qatar Health Card to get the benefits. of the document, so we now explain its most important features.

Issuance of health card in Qatar

By following the steps below, Qatar Health Card can be issued electronically through the government website, saving a lot of time and effort.

  • First, login Government website of the Government of Qatar.

  • Or by downloading the Naaraakum app on your phone.

  • You can log in to the website or application by entering your Qatari ID number and password correctly.

  • Access the list of electronic services available through the website.

  • Click on “Get New Health Card” icon.

  • All the required data from the applicant has been entered correctly.

  • All required documents are attached.

  • Click on “Submit” icon to submit the application.

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Documents Required for Qatar Health Card

The Government of Qatar has confirmed that in order to be issued a Qatar Health Card, there are a number of required documents and documents which are as follows:

  • For an adult Qatari citizen, it is necessary to submit a “4×3” personal photograph along with a valid identity card and pay an application fee of 50 Qatari Riyals.

  • If a Qatari child is issued a health card, a copy of the birth certificate with a unique number must be submitted, a recent personal photograph of “4×3” size must be submitted, and a fee of 50 Qataris must be paid. Must pay Riyal.

  • A resident of Qatar requires a valid passport, a recent “4×3” personal photograph and a fee of up to 150 Qatari Riyals.

How long does it take to get a health card in Qatar?

Issuance of Qatar Health CardHow to obtain a health card by visiting one of the primary health centers in the country is determined in another way, and it is obtained within a certain period as follows:

  • Visit your nearest health care center.

  • A new health card has been requested.

  • Fill the form and required documents.

  • Necessary fees are paid.

  • The health card will be received within 10 working days.

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How do I get a health card in Qatar?

An application for obtaining a health card in Qatar can be submitted by accessing the government website.

How much does medical insurance cost in Qatar?

The cost of medical insurance in Qatar ranges from 50 to 150 Qatari Riyals.

What does health insurance cover in Qatar?

Health insurance covers compulsory medical insurance services like medical tests, treatments etc.

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