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“Emirates Fine Arts” “Night of Arts and Letters” honors Najad Maki


In the presence of Emirates Fine Arts Society, Sharjah Museums Authority Director General Aisha Rashid Bin Dimas, for receiving the French Order of Knight in Arts and Letters, artist Dr. Organized a function to honor Najad Maki. , and Emirates Fine Arts Society President Dr. Muhammad Yusuf and members of the Board of Directors, along with artistes, dignitaries, media professionals and interested parties.

Muhammad Yusuf said: “In light of the care and attention of the wise leadership of the country, we are happy that our predecessors have become artistic icons of the UAE and our voice has gone out of the country. It is a great and wonderful success. The efforts of the founding generation of male and female artists and this festival is a reflection of the artistic movement in the Emirates. This honor recognizes Dr. Najad Maki’s contribution in founding and establishing the Sangam and several art groups. The Sangam’s appreciation and gratitude for his contribution in art education and propagation of culture and visual taste, the immense and excellent artistic production of the doctor and his hard work and efforts in serving the arts and culture. Offered at Emirates.

Ayesha Bin Dimas expressed her joy in celebrating Dr. Najad Maki and her role in promoting the art movement and highlighting Emirati cultural heritage, her artistic production and her passion to fully represent the UAE. Then Dimas added. The Society’s honoring of Dr. Najad Maki reflects the important role he plays in the Society and its administration for the performing arts and visual artists.

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Najad Maki expressed his happiness that being the birthplace of the Emirates Association and being a pioneer and one of the founders of the art movement, he realized the importance of the association and its activities. , and its publications truly reflect the growth and renaissance of the art movement in the Emirates, and introduce the country’s art styles and artists from different parts of the world.

Dr. Najad Maki is considered a pioneering figure in the Emirati art community. His insight into the fundamental relationship between art, cultural heritage, Emirati tradition and memory has influenced the depth and diversity of his artistic creativity, and his artistic vision and approach have influenced many artists and the rising generation. Najad Maki was born in Dubai in 1953. He received a scholarship from the state to study at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1977, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1982, specializing in sculpture. Homeland, Emirates, after graduation, in collaboration with the Emirates Fine Arts Society, he made individual and collective efforts to enrich the cultural life in the Emirates through the production of various art works, participation in exhibitions and educational art avenues. After continuous participation in the Ministry of Education, and other organizations related to visual arts in the Emirates, and exhibitions, in collective and public art, Najad Maki returned to academic knowledge. He received a General Diploma in Fine Arts in Cairo. 1996, then received a Master of Arts degree from Cairo University in 1998 in the field of relief sculpture and medal design, and submitted his doctoral thesis in 2001 at the Faculty of Arts in Cairo.

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