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How to?.. How to Fix Typing Numbers on iPhone


(MENAFN- Youm7) Millions of iPhone owners write numbers completely wrong, so if you want to write a number sometimes, you have to go through a somewhat awkward process, but Apple’s built-in iPhone keyboard is full of smart tricks to solve this matter. , but many of them apparently aren’t, says The Sun.

Press the 123 button to switch to the secondary keyboard.

Once you click on a number, you need to press the ABC icon again to go to the letters.

If you’re typing in something with a mix of letters and numbers, like a password, it looks tricky.

Few know that you can press and hold the 123 icon.

If you select your number and output 123, it will automatically revert to letters.

It may take some getting used to doing this, but once you do it can be a game changer.

This is not the only iPhone typing trick you need to know, there are other tricks to follow on iPhone:

The keyboard has a hidden trackpad.

If you hold down the space bar while typing, your keyboard turns into a trackpad.

You can use this to position your cursor very precisely.

It’s a lot easier than clicking where you want the cursor to end up—especially if you’re trying to free up a letter in the middle of a word.

Another great trick is learning to swipe for text.

This is Apple’s special feature called QuickPath, which is much faster than clicking words to type.

Drag your finger around the letters on the keyboard to ‘spell’ a word.

If you do it right, the whole word will appear.

So if you type ‘Sun’, you’ll swipe to ‘S’, then without removing your finger you’ll swipe to ‘U’ and finally to ‘N’.

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