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How to prevent Chrome browser from draining your computer’s battery?

Google Chrome browser has a high share of 65.7% of the web browser market and is therefore the most used web browser; However, users commonly complain about two issues: fast battery drain on laptops and high memory usage.

The more tabs you open in Chrome and the more extensions you use, the worse the battery drain gets. And to solve these problems; In version 110 of Chrome, Google introduced two features that reduce memory usage and save battery power.

So let’s review today; Here’s how to take advantage of these new features and activate them on your computer:

First; What is Memory Saving Mode in Chrome Browser?
If you open a large group of tabs at the same time in Chrome browser, to quickly switch between them, these tabs consume a lot of memory and this affects the performance of your device, and this is one of the most important problems in Chrome browser.

The new Memory Saver mode in Chrome solves this problem by freeing up memory from tabs you’re not currently using or active, giving you a smoother browsing experience and the ability to run apps that use more memory. Like video editing apps or games.

Chrome will reload inactive tabs when you need them, and to enable this mode in Chrome, you can follow these steps:

Go to Google Chrome browser on your computer.
Click on the menu icon located in the upper right corner with three vertical dots and click on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.

Click on Performance option.
Activate the Memory Saver mode by pressing the toggle button next to it.

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If you want to exclude some sites that you use frequently in the browser, you can do it by clicking the Add option in (Memory Saver) mode and then paste the site link into it as shown in the following image:

Repeat the same for all the important websites you use so Chrome doesn’t gray them out.
Memory saver mode in Chrome browser is similar to the Sleeping Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge browser, but you cannot set a time to enable memory saving mode for tabs in Chrome because Microsoft allows you to specify a specific time. Put the tabs in inactive mode. Sleep, but as mentioned earlier, Chrome allows you to exclude certain sites from entering sleep mode.

Secondly; What is power saving mode?
The Energy Saver mode in Chrome allows you to optimize the browser’s battery consumption, and this mode gives you more time to use the computer when the battery level reaches 20% by controlling background activity and visual effects on websites that contain cartoons and videos. .

To activate this mode, you can follow these steps:

Go to Settings in Chrome browser.
Click on Performance option.
Under the Energy Saver section you will find two options, the first is:
Activate the mode only when the battery charge level drops to 20% or less Second: Activate the mode when the computer is disconnected from the power source.

If you want to activate the mode when the computer’s battery is dead, but you are outside and you don’t have a charger, and you want to extend the battery life while browsing, activate the first option; Check the second option.

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