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How to set up and use the WhatsApp app on Android smartwatches


WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world, but its features are limited on Android smartwatches and limited to receiving notifications and sending quick replies.

But during this year’s Google I/O event, Google announced the Wear OS 4 operating system for wearables, which is now available for many Android smartwatches. Google announced that it has partnered with Meta to develop the WhatsApp app. Available in… Wear OS.

Thanks to the availability of a dedicated WhatsApp application for Wear OS, you can now use all the features of WhatsApp directly on your smartwatch, make and receive voice calls, browse text chats and more.

In this article, we will explain how to set up the WhatsApp app and use it on Android smartwatches:

First: How to set up WhatsApp app on Android smartwatches

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To set up the WhatsApp app on your smartwatch, make sure your watch is running Wear OS 3 or later and is paired with an Android phone, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play on your Android phone.
  2. Search for the WhatsApp app and then click on the (Available on more devices) tab, where you will see the name of your smartwatch. Click on it and then click on (Install) button.
  3. You can install the WhatsApp app directly from your smartwatch by going to the Google Store on your watch and installing from there.
  4. After installing the app, go to your smartwatch’s Apps menu.
  5. Scroll down the list of apps and then tap on the WhatsApp icon.
  6. The app will display an icon on the watch screen, and you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone with the following phrase: Trying to connect device? Click Confirm.
  7. Enter the code displayed on your smartwatch screen into your Android phone.
  8. The process of connecting the two devices will begin and once it’s done, the WhatsApp app on the watch will be linked to the WhatsApp account on your phone.
  9. On your smartwatch, tap Allow WhatsApp to send notifications.
  10. You can access all your WhatsApp conversations through your smart watch.
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Second: How to use WhatsApp app on Android Smart Watches

To start conversations using the WhatsApp app on your smartwatch, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your smartwatch and select the contact you want to chat with.
  2. Scroll down and you’ll see two buttons: a microphone button for recording a voice message and a keyboard button for writing a text message.
  3. Click the microphone icon to record your voice message or click the keyboard icon to bring up the keyboard, then type your message.

Third: Does WhatsApp work on any smartwatch running Wear OS?

No. The smartwatch version of WhatsApp works on wearable devices running Wear OS 3 or later.

Fourth: What are the benefits of installing the WhatsApp app on your smart watch?

When you install the WhatsApp application on your smart watch, you will enjoy all the features of this application that you use on your phone, and in addition to sending quick replies and monitoring notifications, you can directly use the following features. Smart watch:

  • Read and respond to chats using audio recordings or written texts.
  • Monitor ongoing conversations.
  • Block and report users.
  • Display images and use stickers.
  • Play voice messages.
  • Answer or reject voice or video calls.

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