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How to use Snapchat app from scratch?


Snapchat application has seen huge success recently among youth and young adults.Its idea was simple in the beginning, it was just to share photos with camera and friends.Now it has grown tremendously with more applications but its base is still there. Camera and taking photos and videos and the number of users has reached millions of users, with the huge success of the Snapchat app and the large number of users from all over the world and everywhere, many people are trying to go. Enjoy that experience and what Snapchat has to offer. So, they wonder about the detailed way to handle Snapchat, even if they are beginners or don't know all the details. application.

How to Create an Account on Snapchat

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You can get started with Snapchat and create your own account, and learn how with the following steps:

  1. First you need to download the application on your phone Here If your phone is running on Android or… Here If your phone is iOS.

  2. After downloading the app, you can access it and click on the icon to register as a new user.

  3. Enter your name and click on the “Subscribe and Accept” icon.

  4. Then write your date of birth.

  5. Choose your own username that no one else can use.

  6. Choose a strong and secure password.

  7. Enter your mobile number.

  8. Confirm the phone number with the verification code sent to you in the text message.

  9. If you prefer to register by email instead of phone, choose to register by email.

  10. Enter your email and confirm it using the code sent to you in the email.

To easily reach your friends, you can do so through more than one method and add your friends through the following methods:

  1. first time

  • Log in to the app and log in to your profile.

  • You can add friends from your contacts. Click the Add Friends icon, then click All Contacts.

  • After that you can select which friends you want to add.

  1. Second time

  • Log in to your profile and click the Search tab at the top of the page.

  • Enter your friend's username.

  • Click the + symbol to add it.

  1. Third time

Snapchat lets you add friends with a special tag for referrals, similar to the thunder tag, and then you can add the recommended friend.

  1. Fourth time

You can add a friend mentioned in a story you've watched. You have to swipe on the featured snap and then add that friend.

  1. Fifth time

  • First, your friend needs to be on your page and open their own Snapchat profile.

  • Open the Snapchat app, open the camera and point at the Snapchat icon to scan it.

  • Click Add Friends.

  1. Sixth time

You can add a friend by subscribing to a public profile, and that friend will be in your Snapchat friends list.

How to Create Snap Clips

Snap chat

You can enjoy the filters in the Snapchat app, take photos and create videos, and do this:

  1. Open the app and select back or front camera from the scrolled arrows button.

  2. After selecting the filter you want select the appropriate mode.

  3. To take a photo, press the camera button once.

  4. To take a video, press and hold the camera button.

How to Add Snap Clips to Stories

After taking your photo or video, you can share it with others through Stories. You must do the following:

  1. Click the Send to icon in Snap and select My Story.

  2. Or click the plus sign to add directly to your story.

  3. iOS phones offer a way to add photos from your camera roll by tapping the Share icon and selecting My Snapchat Story.

How to Chat with Friends on Snapchat

After adding friends, Snapchat gives you the experience of chatting with them, and this is done in the following way:

  1. From the camera screen, swipe right.

  2. Click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Search for a friend you want to chat with.

  4. Click on the chat icon.

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