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“Human Resources and Immigration” reorganizes the membership of the “Emiratization Partners Club”.


July 13, 2022 08:59

His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmanan Al-Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Republic, issued Ministerial Resolution No. 258 of 2022 regarding the restructuring of the criteria of the “Emiratization Partners Club”, according to which the criteria, conditions and procedures for joining the club.

The club is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration as it aims to raise immigration rates in private sector facilities in line with the government’s objectives and encourages strategic partners to develop policies that contribute to improving the participation of the Emirati workforce. The private sector encourages companies to join the “Nafis” program and other government initiatives and contributes to its implementation.

As a result, the previous three categories of membership of “Localization Partners Club” namely Silver, Gold and Platinum have been converted into one membership.

According to the new criteria set by the resolution, companies classified as the first category within the “Classification System of Establishments” are members if they meet one of two conditions: raising the Emiratization rates annually by no less than three times the above. Another criterion is to recruit and train at least 500 nationals annually in collaboration with the Emirati Competitiveness Council “Nafis”, aiming to keep the number of appointed nationals at least 30 additional nationals.

Her Excellency Farida Al Ali, Assistant Undersecretary for Employment of National Human Resources, said the minister’s decision was in line with a set of decisions recently adopted by the Council of Ministers on raising immigration rates in the private sector and promoting quality companies. Accomplishments in training and recruiting citizens who contribute to the achievement of Council’s competitive goals.

He emphasized the importance of the club as it is one of the most important forms of partnership between the public and private sectors, as it is a platform for consultation and exchange of experiences, expertise and practices in the training and employment of Emirati workers. The private sector offers various employment opportunities thanks to the economic growth the country has experienced.

The Ministry will periodically inspect the facilities that are members of the Club so that the membership of any facility found not to comply with the above two standards will be revoked.

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