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Hurricanes Daniel, Great Miami, Sandy and Julia… Why are hurricanes and storms given male and female names? When do storms get names? How are storm names chosen, especially Atlantic hurricanes?



Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 09:00 p.m

Daniel Storm Egyptian authorities have warned of the risk of storm Daniel entering the country after it arrived on the Libyan coast from Greece. The Egyptian Meteorological Center reached the Libyan coast a few hours ago. , in addition to thunderstorms and high wind speeds. Waves are more than 4 meters high.

He said that Libya is facing a difficult day due to this storm, a state of emergency and warning has been issued in all affected cities, and that the remnants of the storm will reach western Egypt tomorrow, Monday, and rains will follow after that. lost its strength..

In addition, storm Daniel left Greece, leaving heavy damages and huge losses as a result of heavy rains and massive floods, and then moved towards the Libyan territory, so that Libya will be on date with heavy rains, and since the activity of wind speed and a large surge of waves are expected, there are great opportunities for the formation of torrents..

He said the storm has started rotating around the center of the low pressure zone and is forming a closed eye, which may have acquired tropical characteristics and is expected to make landfall in a short period of time..

Egyptian Meteorology also explains that there is still a clear difference between the outputs of the numerical models to accurately predict the path of the storm, because these models differ among themselves, where the path of the center of pressure will be, whether it is in the direction of Benghazi, Ajdabiya or Sirte..

In all cases, he said, the Libyan coast and some inland areas would be affected by the storm, but there was doubt in identifying the areas associated with the most violent rains..

Meteorologists confirmed that a storm with subtropical characteristics in September was a rare event, as Hurricane “Daniel” swept across Greece and caused a 3-day rainstorm in the center of the country..

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But why are these names chosen for hurricanes? Why do people (especially female names) name them? Before meteorologists and scientists decided to name hurricanes after people, different names were given to avoid confusion and confusion, especially in certain areas where tropical cyclones are common. .

Why are hurricanes and storms named?

The practice of naming tropical storms and hurricanes began years ago to help quickly identify storms in warning messages, with many arguing that names are easier to remember than numbers and technical terms. Hurricanes in the media, and raising the level of interest in warnings. It increases community preparedness.


Experience has shown that the use of short, unique names in oral and written messages is faster and reduces the possibility of error compared to complex identification methods. These advantages are especially evident in the context of exchanging detailed information about hundreds of stations, coastal sites, storms. And ships at sea spread over scattered parts of the world.

When will the storm be named?

Tropical storms are named when wind speeds reach 63 km/h while moving in a circular pattern.Tropical storms develop into hurricanes when wind speeds reach 119 km/h.

Naming Hurricanes

Earlier, hurricanes were named after some saint, such as “St. Paul” hurricane, “St. Louis” or “Santa Maria”.

Or the names of the years in which it occurred, such as the 1898 hurricane that struck the United States from the state of Georgia.

Or according to the place where it originated or the main area where it struck, such as the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, the Galveston Hurricane that completely destroyed the city of the same name, or the New England Hurricane. This part.

Naming hurricanes and storms after people

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Female names

During World War II, meteorologists started naming hurricanes after their wives and daughters, and if the storms turned violent, they were called the hated people, and that’s where this tradition came from. The names were highly resonant and memorable, but the naming was random at this point.


In 1950, they decided to abandon this idea after they developed a more complete naming system, naming storms according to phonetic alphabets such as “Able, Baker, and Charley,” and the names used for each hurricane season were the same. In other words, the first hurricane of the season was always called “Able”, the second “Baker”, etc.

The system lasted for 3 years, and in 1953 it was recognized as problematic because people had already become accustomed to female names and refused to accept the innovation. To avoid re-using names, the system was revised so that storms were given female names. Tropical Storm Alice was the first storm to receive names and a female name.

Male and female names

Beginning in late 1978, the system was revised again to include alternate hurricane names with male and female names. Hurricane “Bob” was the hurricane that struck the United States’ Gulf Coast in 1979.

How are the names of storms and hurricanes chosen?

Naming rules around the world vary from one region to another. The World Meteorological Organization divides the naming rules for tropical cyclones into 10 regions. Each region has lists prepared a certain time in advance and an agreed order of names with some regions having names in the Greek alphabet, others according to common local names.

How are Atlantic hurricanes named?

Experts assign names to hurricanes according to a list of official names approved before the start of each hurricane season. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) publishes a set of six lists each year for use in the Atlantic Ocean. There are 21 names in the list. The letters, “Q.” “U” excluding the letters,

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Six years later, naming begins again with the first list. For example, the first tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean for 2019 was named “Andrea,” and this name will be the first hurricane in 2025.

How are cyclones named in East Asia and Arabian Sea countries?

Cyclones forming in the North Indian Ocean are named by the Special Regional Meteorological Center located in India – New Delhi on behalf of the member countries of the International Meteorological Organization for the Asia and Pacific region. A group of Arab countries in the group are: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Yemen.


To name tropical storms in the North Indian Ocean, Sea of ​​Oman or Bay of Bengal, the name given in the table of names previously maintained by the group is used in descending order from top to bottom. Each member of this committee is assigned to choose a name for the storm, provided the name is easy to pronounce and does not exclude any meaning, usage, politics, religion, race or ethnicity, and then the full names are presented to the committee for consideration and approval, to be placed on a list ready for use in the order.

When is a hurricane named?

When a hurricane is exceptionally devastating, considering the feelings of its victims, it would be inappropriate to resume its name for another storm in the future, so it is dropped from the list of hurricane names and an alternate name is chosen. During meetings of the Committees of the International Meteorological Organization.

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