June 7, 2023

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حسين فهمي

Hussein Fami announces entry into the world of social networking sites after impersonating himself – Video | News

Artist Hussein Fami has announced his entry into the world of the internet and social websites.

Hussein Fami posted a video clip on his Instagram account on his official account, in which he said: “I have been away from social media all my life because I thought it was a virtual world, but in recent times many people have misrepresented me and the story has escalated. , Accounts appeared in my name.

And he continued: I have decided to enter social media with all its advantages and disadvantages and tolerance, and I will talk openly about many needs, art, stories and memories and any information I can openly and honestly, and I will tell you how I change. I will say, I will keep in touch with you, and if there is any new need I have here, there are many ideas I would like to present to you, I hope you like them.

Fami announced its official accounts and its official website, which will be launched soon, in Arabic and English editions.

On the other hand, Fahmi is waiting for the screening of his latest films, “The Night”, written by Hosam Massa, directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz, produced by Ayman Youssef, Ahmed Zahar, Iman Al-Azi, Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Safwat, Malak Ahmed Zahar, Lebanon Darin Hattat et al

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