June 3, 2023

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اعرف كلمات أغنية "طافية سيجارة" لـ طارق الشيخ قبل طرحها.. فيديو

I already knew the lyrics of Tariq al-Sheikh’s song “A Cigarette Float”. Video

In a few days, star Tariq al-Sheikh will release his new song “Cigarette Float” from the words of Amir al-Hosari and composed by Tariq al-Safa.

Oh, slander and slander as much as you can, the death of love between us triggers again, you have aged, oh, hurt me and remove what is from me, I lose my heart that sells your love For me, rest, you are an urgent need, or something, unfortunately, I saw it except that you were lost and fell and were saved. , You escaped from Honey’s paradise and went back to your will, put yourself in my place, you will be satisfied again in your space, you were serious about binding me to your game.

Recently, star Tariq al-Sheikh expressed delight at his reactions to the song “I Love Al-Muthamseen”, which he presented was a huge success, and was written by Tariq al-Najjar and composed by Tariq al-Najjar. Distributed by Sheikh and Islam Chipsy.

In Tariq al-Sheikh’s “The Seventh Day” statement, he noted that the reactions of the song had lost his expectations both inside and outside the art community, and that this song was all hope and joy and far removed from the tragic songs I was accustomed to.

Singer Tariq al-Sheikh has decided to release his new album, titled “Warda Al-Byte”, which, after many delays due to the corona, contains 8 different songs in which he has collaborated with numerous poets, distributors, composers, Aziz al-Shabi, Ashraf Al-Prince, Taha Al-Hakim, Damer Hajjaj, Issam Hajjaj and Kareem. , Muhammad al-Najjar and Islam Sipsi.

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